Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bullshit Man

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I've come out of retirement after reading numerous articles about the pension hikes due to our beloved political elite.

Our eternal gobshite of a leader says that the fat cats should voluntarily return the money.

Poor little Brendan Howlin halfwittedly claims that legislation cannot be brought in to reduce pensions of retired politicians, as they are constitutionally protected!

Even the slightly less ridiculous Government ministers are insulting our intelligence with garbage like this from Richard Bruton:

"I can understand people's anger with this. But the situation is, as Mr Howlin says, you cannot pick a certain group of pensioners and decide that they are not getting an increase which is generally available" 

I think that this situation can be accurately described with the sage words of a great philosopher......

And what Grade A bullshit it is.

Here's a little suggestion for the muppets running this country.  If the Constitution of Ireland is really forcing us to pay out thousands of euro to the political classes who brought us to the brink of economic oblivion then how about we change it.  

The government has no problem committing to whatever nonsense the hippies in the Constitutional Circus Convention dream up.  They also don't have a problem putting referendums we reject back on the table until we accept them (Nice, Lisbon treaties).

Why don't they sit down and come up with a wording that will allow us to award pension increases to the ordinary citizen without forcing us to simultaneously reward those who deserve it least.   I'm sure the average Irish person would much rather implement that kind of sensible constitutional change over superfluous bolloxology like reducing the minimum age for the presidency.  

Alas this won't happen.  Expecting politicians voting to reduce the pensions of other politicians is like expecting turkeys to vote for Christmas.  It's not in the DNA of a politician to do anything selfless (let alone courageous).  They'd much rather have the comfort of sitting on their hands and pointing to the constitution as an excuse for their inaction.

This leaves them free to make heartfelt pleas for retired ministers to voluntarily pay back their ill-gotten pension rises.  I'd love if my property tax or water rates were paid voluntarily.  But the politicians' code doesn't apply to the ordinary man.

If only Bullshit Man really existed!  He could be permanently stationed in Leinster House combating the never-ending attacks on our intelligence from the gombeen men we have stupidly selected to "represent" us.