Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Lizard's Prayer

More power for us
Your rights we'll subdue
Vote yes to Lisbon
We command you!

Over the economy and NAMA
We childishly fight
But for corrupt Lisbon
We conspire and unite

You see after Lisbon
We'll do as we please
There'll be no more referendums
To inhibit our sleaze

We'll lie and we'll cheat
And we'll make ourselves rich
We'll be commissioners
You'll be Europe's bitch!

To be chanted on the eve of the Lisbon referendum by all the scumbag millionaires who stand to gain most if we sell ourselves out on October 2nd.

Do not be convinced by their scaremongering.

Do not endorse their inept leadership.

And remember.... Anger is a gift - vote no on October 2nd.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Club Lisbon

Do these people have a track record in competence, morality, patriotism, humility, charity or sincerity?

Have their actions over their careers indicated that they give a damn about Ireland or its people?

Have they bickered and scored cheap political points while the economy goes down the swanny?

Have they failed to explain why the Lisbon Treaty is supposed to be such an obviously good piece of legislation or have they fudged matters by scaremongering and pretending that we'll be kicked out of the EU if we don't bow to their superior intellect?

Why should we trust them when they unite to command us to sign away our constitutional rights on October 2nd?

If in doubt - vote it out!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Iguana, Gecko or Chameleon?

In recent weeks I've had a number of conversations (arguments) with people who claim to be in favour of the Lisbon Treaty. They generally lack a basic understanding of any of the facts relating to this referendum. When challenged on the issues they usually respond by condemning any dissenting voice as a communist, hard-right, Sinn Feiner who also attends Libertas meetings on the side. Here is a brief summary of a typical conversation with the pro-Lisbon voter (I now call them Lizards).

Lizard: I can't wait till Lisbon is passed. It is good for Ireland and good for Europe.

DarkPassenger: Really, would you care to explain how it is good for us?

Lizard: It just is. We are better off in Europe than outside it.

DarkPassenger: But this is not a referendum on our continued membership of the European Union. It is, however, a referendum on some fundamental changes to the way the EU operates and will undoubtedly confer substantial powers on an unelected European elite. Discuss?

Lizard: So you are against Lisbon. You must be a communist. You must also be in Libertas and Coir and Youth Defence.

DarkPassenger: Ha ha ha ha (wags finger). That must make you a card carrying blueshirt or Fianna Fool hack. I don't fall into any of the categories you mention. I do, however, fall into the category of educated people who like to inform themselves about what they are voting for. Have you read the treaty Lizard?

Lizard: I won't waste my time reading it. All the politicians say it is a good idea. That's enough for me.

DarkPassenger: These would be the same politicians who have lied, cheated and stolen from the Irish citizen for decades? The same scumbag millionaires who continue to rape the exchequer, claiming millions in unvouched expenses. Has it occurred to you that what is good for corrupt self serving politicians is not good for Ireland?

Lizard: You must be in Sinn Fein.

DarkPassenger: Wrong again. Can you now explain, with reference to the relevant articles of the treaty, how it is good for Ireland?

Lizard: Well we have the guarantees that our government expertly negotiated.

DarkPassenger: You call them guarantees, I call them Andrex. The fact of the matter is that your beloved guarantees are worthless. The European Court of Justice will have the power to rule these unlawful at any time. If you had a basic understanding of how the EU operated you would know this.

Lizard: Well you haven't any proof that Lisbon will be bad for Ireland.

DarkPassenger: Au contraire my poor deluded friend. I have plenty of evidence to suggest that the Lisbon treaty will be bad for Ireland. Take article 113. This opens the door for Europe to inflict indirect taxes on countries such as Ireland " avoid distortion of competition." This amendment would give the European Court of Justice the power to deem Ireland's low corporate tax rate a distortion to competition. Therefore, companies who are resident in Ireland could be forced to pay some of their corporate tax to other EU countries where their goods are being sold. We would have no option but to increase our corporation tax rate to address this "distortion to competition". What will that do for foreign direct investment here?

Lizard: But the guarantees say that Europe can't force us to increase our corporation tax rates.

DarkPassenger: Even if the guarantees were enforceable - this guarantee would mean nothing. Europe may not directly force us to increase tax rates. However, through the vehicles of Enhanced Cooperation and the European Court of Justice - we could be forced to pay punitive indirect taxes which would force us to "elect" to increase our tax rate. Most European states don't like our corporate tax regime and will be only too delighted to band together to force us to change it.

Lizard: Well model politicians like Pat Cox say Lisbon is vital for Ireland's future - I trust him to tell me how to think.

DarkPassenger: I feel sorry for you Lizard. Just because the press say Pat Cox is a model European you believe them. There is considerable evidence to suggest that Pat Cox has a lot to lose if Lisbon fails. Mr. Cox acts as an advisor to companies such as Pfizer, Microsoft and Michelin. He is the managing partner of European Integration Solutions, a Washington DC - Brussels based transatlantic consulting/lobbying firm. He also acts as a senior counselor for lobby consultancy giant APCO. Now explain to me how a man such as this can claim to offer advice that is impartial? Explain to me how he can claim to represent our best interests? It strikes me that a man like this could use his connections in Europe to reap massive rewards when a post Lisbon EU assumes even more power.

Lizard: Well I don't care. I'm voting for Lisbon anyway - no matter what you say.

DarkPassenger: But we have so much more to discuss: Militarisation (Article 42), Immigration (Article 79), new EU taxes (Article 311), the primacy of the EU over the indivudual states (Articles 1, 47, Delcaration 17).....

Lizard: You are just making up numbers now.

DarkPassenger: Enough said you weak minded fool! Bad enough that our political masters have already wiped their arses with our first decision on this treaty but now you can't even be bothered to read the relevant documents. I don't care how anybody votes as long as they equip themselves with the facts necessary to make an informed decision. As Forrest Gump said "stupid is as stupid does". And Lizard - you do stupid very well.