Thursday, December 23, 2010

Season's Greetings

Happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous new year to all our readers and followers.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In The National Interest

So Budget 2011 has been passed. No surprise there. The 166 members of the Kildare Street Country Club put on their annual pantomime but there was no way this budget was ever in danger of rejection.

Another predictable result was how our political overlords saw fit to share out the financial pain we poor pixie Irish must endure. As usual, ordinary hard-working men and women will suffer most for the spectacular incompetence of the people at the top of our society. You would think it illogical to penalise people who didn't cause our problems. To cut the incomes of working people. To condemn our schools to rack and ruin. And all so we can keep bankers and TDs living the life of Reilly! Well Irish politicians don't do logic. They do, however, excel when it comes to hypocrisy, insincerity and immorality.

So let's look at this budget which is condemning us to years of economic hardship "In The National Interest":

  • No cuts to TD's salaries. Sounds fair - it can't be easy living on a minimum of €92,672 per year.
  • The Taoiseach is really taking one for the team though - a cut of €14,000 to bring his salary down to a paltry €214,466. Wow that's a massive 6% pay cut. That fat clown has overseen the destruction of this country and that's all he gets by way of punishment. He should be serving 20 years hard labour for the damage he has done.
  • And what punishment will Brian Clown's cabinet of imbeciles suffer? Well they are taking a €10,000 pay cut. Ouch - that 5% cut will bring the minimum ministerial salary down to around €181,000 a year. God love them!
  • And spare a thought for the dinosaurs that make up our judiciary. Judges and other overpaid public servants will have their salaries capped at €250,000 - my heart bleeds for them. They will just have to screw even more out of us via their unbelievably extravagant annual expenses.
  • Meanwhile, away from the ivory towers of Kildare Street, the minimum wage gets cut from €8.65 to €7.65 per hour. That is 11.5%. So TDs get no cut. The Taoiseach and his court jesters take 6% and 5% cuts respectively yet the poor slob who eeks out a living on the minimum wage is destroyed with an 11.5% cut. SICKENING!
  • To add insult to injury - the dole only gets cut by 4%. Compare that with the 11.5% minimum wage cut - a real incentive to get up off your hole and get a job!
  • Day to day funding for schools, colleges and other educational providers will be cut by 5% so that we can still pay child benefit to the multi-millionaires who got the country into this mess.
  • "Artists" can still earn €40,000 (reduced from €250,000) a year tax-free for wearing their underpants on their head and churning out the odd sculpture. Why should they receive any preferential treatment whatsoever?
  • The air travel tax is reduced by 70% (from €10 to €3) but shock horror - Ryanair still aren't happy! You could let Michael "Publicity Hound" O'Leary land planes for free on O'Connell Street and he'd still be whining about something.
  • Michael Malevolence Noonan laments the fact that we are lead by "...a puppet government.." which is under the strict control of the IMF and the ECB. Malevolence Noonan also has the audacity to claim that this budget was "soft on the rich and hard on the poor". Another example of the sickening hypocrisy of our wealthy opposition representatives. Has Malevolence forgotten how he and his fellow blueshirted fascists campaigned vigorously in favour of the Lisbon Treaty? Has he forgotten how he served in the Funny Gael/Liebore coalition government which tried to introduce VAT on children's shoes in 1982? Maybe the cold weather has frozen his baldy head to such an extent that he has purged all recollection of Funny Gael/Liebore's bailout of AIB/ICI in 1985.

What Budget 2011 demonstrates is how out of touch our politicians are with the ordinary Irish citizen. The are still vastly overpaid. They still enjoy lavish expenses. They are so concerned with kissing babies, scratching backs and licking arses in the hope of re-election that they neglect their duty to this country. How are we ever going to see a fair budget when the people responsible for most of our problems are the ones in control? Whether they be Fianna Fool, Funny Gael, Liebore or Sinn Pain they are all the same. They are motivated by power and money. Like Malevolence Noonan, they expect us to forget their past actions as they trot out lie after patronising lie. They all claim to have our best interests at heart. They claim to know better than us. They falsely profess patriotism and a will to serve Ireland and its people. These scumbag politicians and their parties seek our votes "In the National Interest"..... we know damn well that their only real motivation is self interest.