Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Filling their pockets, emptying yours

Dex: Hello Mr. Pharmacist, I have just been to the doctor who has happily emptied my bank account and sent me here to purchase some overpriced drugs, driving me further into debt.

Pharmacist: I totally understand Dex, but you must understand it's not just me ripping you off. The doctors, the drug companies and the lack of any Government pressure on all these groups ensures that we all live healthy lives while you and your family have to think twice before coming in here!

Dex: I believe Mary Harney, the health beacon of Irish society, is cutting your fees for the Drug Scheme?

Pharmacist: Yes it's shocking, you know we only make a 50% mark up!! Can you believe that.
50% percent. What's the issue, we are only doubling the price of medicine, what's the big deal? Dex you seem upset.

Dex: Well the fact that I can buy the same medicine in Spain/France/UK for approx. 60% less kinda pisses me off! For example, asthma medicine costs 65% less in Spain than here for the exact same stuff.

Pharmacist: That explains why pharmacists in Spain aren't as rich as us!

Dex: In the UK, the doctor is free and all prescriptions are a set price. Sounds like a great system and good use of tax payers' money?

Pharmacist: Are you mad! Free doctors....Hello, why make them free when they can earn €60 - €80 a visit. The government would never pay that rate! Set medical prices, now you are losing the plot. What happened to my 50% margin!

Dex: How come you don't sell as many generic drugs as they do overseas? Surely this would keep prices down. Is it because of the reduced commission from the drug companies?

Pharmacist: I decline to answer that one!

Dex: So do you think Fat Mary will force you to reduce your margins on prescription drugs for non drug scheme users? I'm not on the drug scheme, so what about me? I'm still getting charged the 50+% mark up.

Pharmacist: But we have to rip someone off, we have to maintain our inflated profit margins some way. Anyway, she is only interested in saving cash for the government not for you. Remember it is this government that agreed to these margins in the first place. Blame them, not me!

Dex: So you're going to continue to rob us blind for essential medication?

Pharmacist: YES! - Take care Dex. Who's next for me to mug.... I mean serve?

STOP THE RIP OFF - Get Emailing, write to your TD, the drug companies, the Irish Pharmacy Union. Nothing will change if you DO NOTHING! Its your money...demand value for it!

Useful links: Contact The Irish Pharmacy Union

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Making the Dáil look like good value for money.

Have a read of this interesting little article. It pretty much confirms what we already knew - RTE is a badly run organisation where tax payers money is routinely wasted. This makes the Dáil look like good value for money. The following facts even make FAS look like a bastion of frugality:

  • Village idiots like Joe Duffy are earning more than the highest paid politician and public servant in the land!

  • Marian Finucane earns more than €400,000 for two mornings of week-end work for about 8 months annually!

  • It is costing us at least half a million dollars a year to keep Charlie "Dirt" Bird in Washington.

  • RTE steals about €200 million of our money every year and wastes it on executive salaries and asshat presenters such as Gerry Ryan. They then take the remainder and buy up prime time shows and put them on late at night just so their unsubsidised competitors can't have them.

We should be marching on the streets about the way this organisation is pissing our money down the toilet. And it's not like we can opt out of paying the licence fee. We'd have that multilingual baldy TV licence guy round persecuting us as soon as we cancelled the direct debit!

Interestingly enough the newly elected messiah for Dublin South, George IToldYouSo Lee, thinks that RTE is run very well. He said so on Today FM a couple of days before the recent elections. So Fine Gael's newest Hobbit spent years preaching about waste, irresponsibility and greed yet he worked in an organisation where all these things were endemic. And now that RTE has been run into the ground and its staff are facing pay cuts IToldYouSo Lee has decided to jump ship. Interesting timing there George - you obviously didn't fancy a pay cut did you? Well runty Lee has now found his true calling as hypocrisy and greed are traits that will serve him well in Dáil Eireann. And he can continue to piss away taxpayers' money - just like his mates over in RTE.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Count On This

Well the counting is over and it's time to assess the damage. On the plus side Fianna Fool has suffered a severe humbling. Their worst performance in an election EVER. This is their reward for years of selfish, corrupt and inept leadership. Let's see how Brian Clown and his circus of a front bench get out of this fine mess!

Unfortunately the electorate turned to Funny Gael and the Lie-bore party. Seeing the likes of George IToldYouSo Lee being elected wasn't surprising. That didn't stop me feeling truly sickened though. Obviously 53% of Dublin South voters couldn't have been bothered educating themselves about IToldYouSo's ill conceived "policies". They believed his mantra of "a straight talker with credibility". Straight talker my arse. The runtish little hobbit has spent the last 10 years engineering a situation that would ensure his election would be a fait accompli. Well lets see how IToldYouSo holds up when he has to deliver the goods. It is already obvious that he doesn't like his saintly wisdom to be questioned. And some of the bullshit he has come out with during his cannonisation as a TD (like RTE is a well run organisation) has been truly funny. I firmly believe that time will prove IToldYouSo to be nothing but an opportunist money-grabbing charlatan.

The rise of the Lie-bore party is another joke. These muppets now have themselves down as contenders to be the biggest party after the next general election. Ha ha ha ha ha - dream on you commie fools. It is fairly obvious that much of the Fianna Fool vote has been temporarily parked with the communists. Their success in this poll says more about Fianna Fool's lack of appeal than any of Lie-bore's dodgy leftie policies.

Speaking of communists, I was delighted to see Joe Higgins taking Eoin Ryan's seat. It must have been a right kick in the arse for Fianna Fool after they put so much effort into saving him. Higgins may have some questionable policies but at least we can be sure that he will stick it to the political establishment. The fact that this will annoy Fianna Fool, Lie-bore and Funny Gael makes his election a victory for everyone who is sick of the elitist corruption that has become synonymous with Irish politics.

The strong showing of independent candidates all over the country further emphasises our frustrations with party politics. It was especially pleasing to see Maureen O'Sullivan win so convincingly in Dublin Central. It was equally pleasing to see Fianna Fool paying the price for selecting the bumbling Maurice Ahern ahead of the infinitely superior Mary Fitzpatrick. This decision pretty much sums up all that is wrong with a Fianna Fool party where nepotism, greed and incompetence is preferred to ability, intellect and endeavour.

What cheered DarkPassenger most about these elections was the annihilation of the Green Sleveen Party. The inept, tree hugging megalomaniacs have been rewarded for their complete lack of ability with a whooping from the Irish electorate. We'll see how Yesman Ryan, Trevbore Sargent and Johan von Gormless react now that their Dáil seats are in complete jeopardy. They better make damn sure they can ride out the full 5 year term of this government so that they can secure the highest pension and compensation payment possible after they are handed their P45s in 2012.

And what will our scumbag millionaire politicians do now that the elections are over? They'll do what they do best - paying themselves disgraceful amounts of money for continuously failing the people of Ireland. That is something you can always count on!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Party is Over

The scum never cease to offend.
Our money they steal and then spend.
On the June 5th election.
We must show our objection.
Two fingers to parties we'll extend.

Fianna Fáil, Labour and Fine Gael.
They should all be rotting in jail.
They're way overpaid.
And a fortune they've made.
Despite their tendency to fail.

So let's show that we're all sick and tired.
Of the incumbents who just can't be admired.
Lets kick out these hacks.
We'll swing our vote axe.
As Doctor Bill would say, "Parties - you're fired!"

By DarkPassenger

Let's show that we've all had enough of the self-serving party politicians who have failed our country for decades. I urge everyone to vote for an independent candidate on June 5th.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Election Bling

I was out and about today, enjoying the current spell of rare sunshine, when I came across a cohort of Lie-bore party hacks promoting one of their election candidates. They were equipped with the usual armoury of faux-friendliness, leaflets full of lies and some promotional freebies. Now usually our scumbag millionaire politicians like to try and buy the votes of the poor pixie Irish with pens or train timetables or other such high value items. However, this Lie-bore charlatan was handing out bottles of water with his poncy face plastered on the label.

This encounter with the gift-bearing communist triggered memories of the halcyon days of DarkPassenger's childhood. Jumpers for goalposts, playing nic naks, garbage pail kids cards and, most importantly, election bling.

Back in the early eighties elections were a source of great excitement for the children of Ireland. Every day the party Ford Cortinas driven by loyal hacks would announce their arrival through loudspeakers mounted precariously on a rusty roof rack. This was the signal for every kid in the vicinity to drop what they were doing and converge on the hacks to see what gifts they bore. At the very least you could expect a few paper hats and a couple of rolls of stickers. If you were really lucky you might score a flag or maybe even a pen. Now you have to remember that we kids of the 80s didn't have playgrounds, youth clubs, playstations or starbucks to keep us entertained. Therefore we had to turn to things like election bling to brighten up our deprived little days. The more stickers and hats you could accumulate the better. We swarmed those Cortinas until we relieved them of every last sticker and then retired to our tree houses to compare our respective hauls of bling. Inevitably you'd return home covered in stickers, wearing 15 paper hats and trying to hide the ink stain from the Fianna Fáil pen that had leaked in your jeans. Poor young DarkPassenger had to worry about more than the leaky pen though! I also had to make damn sure that any trace of Fine Gael election bling was removed - or else I'd have the blueshirt-hating mammy to answer to!

Anyway enough talk of the past. Our inept political masters will ensure that we return to 1980s living standards soon enough. As for the Lie-bore election bling on offer today - I was feeling pretty thirsty and could have used a refreshing bottle of water to cool me down. However I remembered this simple mathematical equation:

Labour Party = Democratic Left = Workers' Party = Stalin

To hell with him - he can keep his poxy commie water!