Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Separated At Birth?

What's the difference between these two clowns?

One is a fat comedian, the other one is Dom Joly!

Monday, November 22, 2010

None of the above

It has been a long time since I last updated this blog. As things went from bad to worse for this country I just couldn't see the point in stating the obvious about our country's corrupt political overlords.

Last night, after watching days of Comical Ali style denials, Brian Clown finally admitted that the IMF and the EU are the new sheriffs in town.

As I sat watching my telly, the screen filled by Michael "Malevolence" Noonan's fat head as he smugly celebrated the arrival of the IMF, my anger levels once again hit blog force 10.

This political parasite was taking delight from the predicament that this country finds itself in. He knows that this crisis is his ticket back to a ministry, a hefty pay hike and a big expense account. Malevolence Noonan symbolises all that is wrong with the political system in this country. This is the man who bullied a dying woman, Brigid McCole, as she fought for compensation from the state for its role in infecting her and many others with Hepatitis C.

Noonan's disgraceful behaviour during this episode demonstrates that he is every bit the scumbag politician that Brian Clown, Stupid Mary Coughlan and Betray Ahern are.

The political system in this country is rotten to the core. Scoundrels like Malevolence Noonan can bully a dying woman in the state's name and then return to the political front line thirteen years later as if nothing had happened. Most of the scumbag millionaires in Kildare Street have similar skeletons in their cupboards. A majority of the Liebore party front bench is drawn from the former Irish Workers Party - a communist party which idolised tyrants like Joseph Stalin and Erich Honecker. And it would be stating the obvious to even bother outlining the dodgy past of most of the Sinn Féin party leadership.

For too many years the political classes have treated the Irish people like fools. When a new government is formed after the inevitable election in January, Michael Malevolence Noonan will certainly be in the new cabinet. However, if the people of Ireland play their cards right he will represent a government with no moral authority. It is my hope that an overwhelming majority of the Irish electorate go to the polls. But I don't want them to vote for our poisonous political establishment. If a massive majority of people choose to "spoil" their votes we will show the scumbag millionaires that we have had enough of their sleeveen politics.

What is the alternative to Brian Clown and his fellow Fianna Fool imbeciles? Is it Malevolence Noonan and the country and western politics of Enda de road Kenny? Is it the communists and kerb crawlers in the Liebore Party? Is it the fantasy island politics of Sinn Féin?

The answer, my poor Pixie Irish, is NONE OF THE ABOVE!