Monday, February 7, 2011

Question Time Part I

Over the next few days I will outline some questions I have designed for any scumbag millionaire (or wannabe) who is unfortunate enough to knock on my door.

I will start with the questions I have for Sinn Féin candidates.

I won't even bother raising moral elephants in the room like the Northern Bank robbery or the party's role in preventing the murderers of Robert McCartney being brought to justice. There are some more fundamental questions that need answering:

  • Sinn Féin claims that their public representatives only earn the average industrial wage (the rest being donated to the party). If this is true, why do the Standards in Public Office (SIPO) records only show contributions of €6,000 per TD. Where is the rest of their massive salary/expenses package going?

  • Gerry Adams owns three houses. How can he afford these on the "average industrial wage"?

  • The Sinn Fein website is disgracefully light on detail. There is nothing which explains how you plan to pay for your €5 billion plans to build schools, health centres and creches. All the while, reversing social welfare cuts and reductions in public spending. You will use the National Pension Reserve Fund to bankroll your spending plans without a second thought for the future pensioners whose incomes you are flushing down the toilet. Please tell me why I'm wrong? Some supporting facts and figures will be required to support your answer.

  • The only document listed on the Sinn Féin website which contains anything resembling a policy document is the 10 point jobs plan. If you care so much about creating jobs why is your website hosted in the USA?

  • Sinn Féin believes in high taxation and high spending on social welfare and the public service. Your party will tax ordinary workers into oblivion in order to avoid essential reforms to our wasteful and fraudulent social welfare system. Your party has no fully costed budget and tries to disguise its Marxist ideology with waffle. My final question is... would you like to leave my door before I forcibly remove you from my property?


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